Thursday, 19 June 2014

Science in the van

Craft TWO paragraphs about our adventure to see Emily and Alan share their experiments all about movement, forces and Isaac Newton.
Think about sentence beginnings - I went, there was, I was - ARE ALL BANNED!
Draw your own picture and add them both to your blog. I will try to make a movie and have it on Vimeo - but I might not have time!

Yesterday we went to the science in the van 

Huffing and puffing Allan was blowing the balloon. Giving the balloon to Emily, the balloon went zooming around the hall. 

Steve the Chicken is for KFC said  Allen.Allan put Steve in the rocket Ana and Allan  was pumping pu the botton the botton stared to exploded and went a little bit far so they did it again.
Allan and bathan pumped the rocket and the rocket exploded and it went far away to the end.  

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  1. NOICE JOB AWATHAN i like allllll the writing that you did but the photo isnt that good just saying BUT GOOD JOB PEACE OUT