Thursday, 10 December 2015

my made up dinosaur


There was a dinosaur called that was called the bract three headed saurus.
The three headed saurus was a carnivore so it eat meat it does not eat plants.
It has it name because it was a dinosaur that had had three.

Size and body part

The bract three headed saurus was 400 meters tall.
It had sharp claws on it toe and it hand.
It had short arm and had a leg.

How much it ate and how fast

It can eat 2 triceratop in one bite.
Its teeth were the size of 2 banana that is huge.
This dinosaur can ran 300 miles per hour.


I think this dinosaur is the fastest dinosaur in the world.


Untitled from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, 7 December 2015

The light house

`On a dull, starless night there was a village, with a  treacherous headland and a lighthouse.
There were people celebrating. They were cheering so much! They were happy. They cheered “yay, yay, yay.”

The lighthouse keeper was writing on his book that was on his desk, he was getting annoyed by the people that was celebrating so he slammed the window. The lighthouse keeper went back to writing the he heard unusually clunking .

The beacon stopped illuminating the village then the whole village went dark.
The lighthouse keeper stopped writing and went to check if the beacon with his tool box.
Before checking the beacon the lighthouse keeper check the mechanical cogs and wheel.

The lighthouse keeper went to check the beacon to see if it was borked.
 on the beacon there was a little door that the lighthouse keeper opened he  put his hand to feel what inside there.
There was nothing in the beacon so the lighthouse keeper carried the beacon and over his tool box.  

A ship was coming in and the lighthouse keeper was worried that the ship will crash into the rock.
the lighthouse keeper got an idea so he ran down the steps to call the people but they were already there so he was glad so everyone went in the lighthouse to show the ship where to go.

This was a piece of writing in term 2

Museum trip


last Friday I went to the Auckland Museum with my class. When we got there we were in groups I was in Miss Tito’s group. there were 8 group in a total.

The first thing we did
The first thing we did was going in the class room. there was a man named Josh he was the teacher that teach us about dinosaur. My favorite part in the classroom  was touching Triceratops poop and smelling the poop.       

My favorite part

My favorite part was going to Volcano it was fun there I even get to touch a volcano but not a real a fake one but was hot. I get to make music with the stone you had to hit it with a hammer. My other favorite part was seeing the man that turn into a fossil.

3 Hour later……
It was time to go I wanted to stay for the whole day so we got to stay for 4 hours


I felt excited scared and I had fun.  


A Volcanologist is a person that study volcanoes.
Volcanologist discovered volcanoes they can tell you if a volcano is going to erupt. Volcanologist rewarding because they can save your life.
A volcanologist has three parts of their job they have to work in their lab and they have to visit a volcano and go in the volcano.
A volcanologist goes to a volcano to get some samples.Volcanologist takes rocks and some lava for samples.When a Volcanologist get some samples they take it to their lab to analyze it.

A Volcanologist wear varied clothes and it depending on what  are they doing the part of their job. If a Volcanologist is working in its lab it wears everyday clothes. If a Volcanologist is outside field work they wear tramping clothes. If a Volcanologist is in a volcano they like astronauts clothes that are silver so when the volcanologist is near the lava they won’t burn and they have to wear heavy gloves so their hand won’t get brun
 So a Volcanologist has three part of their job.

To Become a volcanologist you need to do study hard so you can be smart. Then you need to go to university to study more. then you become a volcanologist


I don’t want to be a volcanologist because it is a hard job for me.
I want to be a soccer player when I grow.

this was a piece of writing in term 3