Monday, 7 December 2015

Museum trip


last Friday I went to the Auckland Museum with my class. When we got there we were in groups I was in Miss Tito’s group. there were 8 group in a total.

The first thing we did
The first thing we did was going in the class room. there was a man named Josh he was the teacher that teach us about dinosaur. My favorite part in the classroom  was touching Triceratops poop and smelling the poop.       

My favorite part

My favorite part was going to Volcano it was fun there I even get to touch a volcano but not a real a fake one but was hot. I get to make music with the stone you had to hit it with a hammer. My other favorite part was seeing the man that turn into a fossil.

3 Hour later……
It was time to go I wanted to stay for the whole day so we got to stay for 4 hours


I felt excited scared and I had fun.  

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