Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Pirate Ben

One day there was a pirate called Ben. Ben was a very helpful pirate but one ever help him before. he was on his boat going to find treasure so he can be rich.

Ben had a treasure map so he can find treasure then he dropped it in the water on a accident.
He went in the water finding it but all he found was fish. he tried everything he could but he can just not find it he is now lost. DUN DUN DUN

Then a octopus came out of the water and it was a talking octopus the talking octopus want to help but Ben didn't want any of his help. So the taking Octopus went off then Ben started to think and then he want the talking octopus to help. So the octopus went deep into the water and found the treasure map so the two friend went back home and live




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