Friday, 10 June 2016

Awathan will he save her

It was a starless night Batman was looking at that top of the city so the city can be safe and that no one get hurt . Suddenly there was a woman at the highest building in the world. At Very top of the building she was eating hey hum sandwich. Suddenly the joker came up the lady and got frightened by the joker and fall of the building . Batman dive of the building trying to save the lady . Then Batman got his grappling hook and hook it to the lady. When got the lady save Batman said “don't go up tall build again ok,” the lady went off without saying a word. Suddenly the joker appeared at the back of batman “ What do you want ,” said Batman ‘ I want to kill you ,’ PING ‘you really think you can kill me with that gun,’ shouted Batman ‘ My turn,’ Batman got his gun and kill the joker BOOM ‘ that’s better.

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