Wednesday, 19 October 2016


It cold day there was a boat in the middle of nowhere. The everything was silent the sea was calm the fish under the sea were swimming silently. In the boat there were two mens their names were Mark and Goob. They were very best friends they always like to play together and have fun. But when they grew up they thought of going fishing out in the sea to go fish and that was when they got stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Goob and Mark wanted to get out of the sea they were bored and wish that they never went fish because all the had to eat was raw fish and sea water. Suddenly they heard something under the sea could it be a shark or a jelly fish maybe a whale. SNAP went the shark biting the boat in half Goob and Mark jumped out of the boat were swimming fast as they can for land. Mark for land it was a deserted island it has two coconut trees that made an X like a treasure map.   

Goob and Mark dag a hole with their hands there was a treasure box Mark opened it there was heap of gold. Goob and Mark were jumping for joy they were so happy they forgot about how to get back to there house but luckily there was a helicopter to save them and


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