Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The lame race

WALT: learn to write recounts

Have you you ever had a race on the field before. Well that what our class did I it was lame. Very Lame!

Everybody went outside and outside and putted on heir shoes but some didn’t even bother. "We mast walk quietly past the class,' said Mr Goodwin said.Then we all walk quietly past the classrooms and went on the field. Mr Goodwin say we all had to run all the way to rugby post and come back ‘What,’ I said to myself.

Mr Goodwin say that we had to be quiet because there are other class and we don't want to bother them. Now I am feeling nervous now we have to run quietly. So Mr Goodwin say we all had to line up on the gold post

So everybody lined up on the field I think this is going to be quite fun “Go!!,’ Mr Goodwin shouted out. I wasn’t even ready. Everybody ran fast as they could I didn’t go my fast and I past still some people. At last we finish and drank some water.

That was one of the worst day of my life but crazy. Real Crazy!!

Task Description: today we did some thing lame and had write it

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