Thursday, 20 August 2015


Walking into the hall everyone can hear Mr Burt’s Booming voice. Mr Burt was saying “Who has $1 who has $2 who has $3 ‘Mr Burt was picking people with numbers. I thought that Mr Burt wanted real money but he didn't.

MY favorite act was team 3 they did the YMCA song.
They had costumes like  cowgirl, policeman,builder,surgeon,soldier,
The  funny bit of then were that they were acting very funny.

My second favorite act was team 4 they had name on their stomach.
The names on their stomach were sassy.happy,calm, I thought it was funny names.
My favorite character was sassy because he made everyone laugh.

So for this terms topic is Trade & Enterprise.

I an looking forward to learn about Trade & Enterprise.

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