Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Animal Racing

Once in Pt England School there was an epic event named the Pt England school animal race. People were being Rats, birds, and Cheetahs but I brought my pet Mewtwo. I bought Mewtwo because he is a very fast pokemon me and him would win on-one could bet us we’re the fastest in the world.
Then suddenly there was a guy he had a Ninjask ‘‘What!,’’. People say that his name is THE MAN

The race was nearly starting ‘‘ On your mark .. Get set.. GO!! Everybody blast I was in last but I was slowly catching up. I was in 2nd place but that guy named THE MAN was still in 1st place then suddenly THE MAN splashed mud in our face’s everyone past me ZOOM! Everyone finished and I came last what a sad day that was for me next time I am not going to race ever again.

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