Thursday, 18 May 2017


Walt: Write from the 1st person.

Waking up on the sand in pooped raft in a island in the middle of nowhere. I is this a dream I say to myself This is not a dream this is real I was devastated I wanted to go back home but I couldn't so I started to look around to see if there was anybody around. I started to call out help but there was no one around, I am lonely.   

I need shelter so I started to look around to see if there was something to use. I found stick big stick so I pick them up and started to find a building stop then I found a spot with lots of trees.
So I found some palm trees and started to pick the fronds for the top bit of my shelter

Suddenly I  got a bit hungry and wanted to eat. Then I went to find a coconut tree but I found fresh water that I can't drink it was cold which isn't good. I tried to find fish but there was none in the sea. Then I Tried to find some animals the walk on land but there wasn’t at all But I found some berries that ants ate so I  threw them away into the sea. Then I found a whole bunch of  coconut tree appeared which is good because I can drink two types of water and I can use the coconut for a cup. So all I had was freshwater and lot and lots of coconut trees.

I need to get out of this island right now because I want to go home but I kind of want to stay here because i've just put in so much work. So I wrote down on the sand HELP. Then I got a found and went to find sone ink then just saw a bird it landed on the ground so I threw and rock at the bird and it couldn’t fly. I took the ink and put it on the HELP.

It's been 6 year I have forgot how a helicopter work I and already have a family which were coconut. Then a strange big boat it was the navy they forced me to go on that big weird boat. At last I got back home it looked so strange there were these weird thing called lights all you need to do is just switch it up and down. I need to do a lot of catching up.

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